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Executive Assistant to the Pastor         Evangelist Racquel Butler

Pastoral Assistants                                Elder Nathaniel Grant | Evangelist Esther Butler

Greeters and Doorkeepers                   Mother Laura Glover

Culinary Arts & Hospitality                    Evangelist Latha Catlin

Buildings & Grounds                             Deacon James Wood

Women by Design (WBD)                      Lady Racquel Butler

Women's Ministry

F.I.G.H.T. Club Men's Ministry              Elder Nathaniel Grant

Sunday University                                 Deaconess Lorene Carrow

Missions (Global & Domestic)              Mother Dolores Johnson

Mother's Board                                     Mother Glenda Barnes

Inreach & Aftercare                              Evangelist Esther Butler

Diaconate                                              Deaconess Joy Walker

Business Administrator                        Mother Jacqueline Butler

Church Treasurer                                 Evangelist Vander Knocket

Generations                                          Sister Mehnay Howard | Sister Shantell Kelly

(Youth and Young Adult Ministries)    Sister Jalisa Barnes - Team Leaders

Armor Bearers Ministry                        Sister Dawn Morrison | Sister Alfreda Weaver                                                                         Minister Jason Irvine

Shepherds Club/Pastoral Support       Mother Laura Glover

Public Safety                                         Brother Lewquay Williams

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