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is the First Lady of the Salvation and Restoration Christian COGIC in Brooklyn, New York. A native of New York, she was raised in the traditions of holiness by her parents under the leadership and tutelage of Bishop Norman N. Quick in the Childs Memorial Temple COGIC.  Evangelist Butler also serves with her husband in the Greater Faith Ministries, an evangelistic crusade ministry to impact the body of Christ with preaching, teaching, workshops and seminars.


Evangelist Butler is a woman of God, gifted with the spirit of humility and empathy, who has a special call to embrace hurting women and disenchanted youth in this end-time.  She served faithfully at CMT under her then pastor, Bishop Norman Quick, as the youth leader (1996-2004) prior to joining her life in holy matrimony to Elder Tyrone Butler of Brooklyn, N.Y.  Evangelist Butler maintains her commitment to Excellence in ministry and in addition to standing with her husband in his ministry assignments, fulfills God’s call on her life in her own right in a myriad of ways.  She previously served in her district as the Finance Coordinator of the Women’s Department and has served as YWCC coordinator for the jurisdictional Women’s department.  Her signature ministry at the local church is the S.H.E. ministry (Saved, Healthy and Empowered) for young adult women.  With the appointment of her husband to East Region Youth President in 2005, Evangelist Butler began to minister to fellow wives of leaders through her Regional W.O.P. (Wives of Presidents and Ministers) program, where she conducted annual workshops and empowerment sessions to strengthen the women of God.


Professionally, Evangelist Butler has proven to be a driven and motivated leader in her career field, having an earned Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and worked for 25+ years at the New York Life Company as an Internal Auditor.  Lady Butler has more recently risen through the management ranks to the position of a Corporate Vice President and currently manages the Quality Control function in the Underwriting unit for that august Fortune 500 Company.


A trained Bible Teacher, Evangelist Butler for many years served on the Faculty of the New York Southeast Religious Training Institute, and applies her knowledge in sharing the Word with the people of God with practical, yet powerful impartation.  She continues to work with empowering women, now through her service chairing the Women’s Department Executive Transition Committee of the New York Southeast Jurisdiction, where her husband serves as Jurisdictional Prelate.


With all of her service, Lady Butler has not forgotten her home church, where her husband serves as Pastor and where she continues to lend her gifts in ministry serving as Director of Women’s Ministries, Director of King’s Kidz children’s ministry, Business Office staff and Assistant Director of VIP (Voices in Praise), the Praise & Worship arm of the Music Ministry.


Evangelist Racquel Lynn Butler has been joined for thirteen (13) years in Holy Matrimony to her loving husband, the Bishop Tyrone Leland Butler, and has one adopted son, Eric Boyd.



First Lady


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